Matt Sears is the current elected representative for the Durham County Board of Education, District 3.


DPS Update 4/24/2022

The pandemic has been challenging on so many fronts, but I'm thrilled that we have students back in school with our amazing DPS teachers. This month we're loosening mask mandates (for now) given low COVID positivity in the last weeks, but we stand ready to protect one another, again, with masks should cases or new variants become prevalent. While all of this has been going on, our school district has continued to improve. Our academic progress has been real, with our district raising the number of "A" and "B" schools and reducing the number of so-called "F" schools to just 1 right at the start of the pandemic. We're aligning capital resources and are building a new Northern High School, Lyons Farm Elementary School, and a new elementary on South Roxboro Rd, and making major modifications to six existing buildings (page 104). And we are working tirelessly on having great teachers in every classroom by working to approach the #1 teacher-paying district in the state and already being the #1 principal-paying district in the state. Finally, in the last years we have brought our custodial employees from contractors back to DPS employees with better wages and benefits, and have moved to a $15/hour living wage with our sights set on $17/hour+. We've been busy in DPS and I have never felt better about how our tax dollars are being allocated to ensure ALL of our students receive better than a "sound, basic" education.

Image courtesy of Radian Photography